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KBC TV to become a continuous news channel in Algeria

The authorities of the private general TV in Algeria, KBC, announced that KBC TV will be known as El Khabar TV in two to three months and will become at the same time a News TV channel.  The decision came after a meeting of the General Assembly of the Group El Khabar where Zahreddine Smati, [...]

Five channels in Kashmir asked to be banned from cable operators

Five local cable TV channels in Kashmir has been suspended by authorities. This situation came up after it was noted that the news channels were inciting violence. Programmes broadcasted were giving rise to law and order problems, creating unrest in the country. The channels being put on hold are Gulistan TV, JK Channel, KBC, Munsiff [...]

KBC & K24 resume analogue transmission in Kenya

Two free-to-air channels in Kenya, KBC and K24, have resumed analogue transmission. The channels have stated that Kenyans do not have set-top-boxes to receive digital signals. NTV, KTN and Citizen TV have received court permission to continue in analogue format until a digital television infrastructure is in place. Communications Authority of Kenya has accused the [...]