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India launches satellite GSAT-15 to increase DTH service

GSAT-15 was launched by Arianespace for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) in a bid to expand Direct-To-Home (DTH), telecommunication and radio navigation services. It will provide telecommunications services for the country, along with dedicated navigation-aid and emergency services. GSAT-15, Indias communication satellite, was launched successfully by the European Ariane 5 VA-227 launch vehicle in the early [...]

ISRO launches GSAT-16 satellite

Indian Space Research Organisation launches a communication satellite, GSAT-16, from the spaceport of Kourou, French Guiana today. The satellite has a capacity of 48 transponders and it will boost public and private television and radio services, large-scale Internet and telephone operations. The GSAT-16 is scheduled to be placed in orbit by Arianespaces launcher. The operational [...]

ISRO to launch GSAT-16 satellite in December 2014

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has pre-poned the launch of GSAT-16 satellite by six months. It will be launched in December 2014 which was earlier scheduled for launch in April 2015. In 2013, the government had allocated over INR 8.65 billion for building the satellite. GSAT-16 will replace INSAT 3E. It will offer 24 transponders [...]