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India´s ministry cancels two Delhi based MSOs license

Indias Information and Broadcast Ministry has rescinded licenses of Home Cable Networks and Swami Cable ,Delhi based MSOs owing to the failure of reporting their digitization progress .The ministry stated that these companies failed to comply with Cable Act of not reporting the status despite written reminders. However Home Cable reported that until rates to [...]

India´s MSO WWIL signs DAS interconnect deal with MediaPro

Wire and Wireless (WWIL) , India´s MSO operating in the brand name of SITI cable in three metros Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai has signed DAS interconnect agreement for 70 Channels with MediaPro Enterprise. This agreement will enable WWIL to carry encrypted TV channel signals of Mediapro on its digital delivery platform. WWIL is also in [...]

India´s MSO Manthan launches digital TV in eastern city

Manthan Broadband, India´s MSO offering cable and IPTV services in the country´s East and North Eastern states has commenced the digital cable services in Dibrugarh city of Assam. Digital channels are launched in partnership with Unition Channel (UC). Viewers in the city will be able watch HD channels along with VAS such as VOD. Manthan [...]