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Israel to broadcast World Cup Russia 2018 in Arabic

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority obtained the rights to broadcast the 2018 World Cup in Russia for the first time in exchange for a 6.3 million payment. The ministry noted that Arabic language-speaking commentators will introduce the matches on the Israeli TV channel Makan. Football fans in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, West Bank will see the matches [...]

IBA in Zambia suspends Muvi TV

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), has been suspended the broadcasting licence of Muvi TV, the private commercial television station in Zambia. This was due to unprofessional conduct on behalf of the television station. The news was revealed at a media briefing. The suspension of the television station resulted from the way the broadcasting station has [...]

Israel Broadcasting Authority axed by government

The Israeli government, last week, dismantled its public broadcasting body, Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA), after revelations of massive mismanagement and overspendings came to the fore. The government also axed the controversial TV tax an annual fee of about USD 100 charged to every household with a television set. A new broadcasting authority will soon [...]