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Motorola, KIT digital and Intelsat selected for India´s JAINHITS

Noida Software Technology Park(NSTPL) ,India based Jain TV group firm that aids TV broadcasting and production announces indenture with Motorola, KIT digital and Intelsat for their pan-India head end in the sky(HITS) operations branded as JAINHITS. Motorola will provide end-end technology support by provisioning network hardware and supplying STBs. NSTPL has pre-ordered 30 million STB´s [...]

Jain TV partners with Intelsat for pan-India HITS launch

Noida Software Technology Park (NSTPL), a conglomerate of India based Jain TV group engaged in TV broadcasting and production is planning for a pan-India launch of Headend In the sky (HITS) platform branded as JAINHITS. NSTP has signed a multi-year, multi-transponder agreement with Intelsat for C-band capacity on their 902 satellite (at 62 degree East). [...]