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New Warner Media’s SVOD OTT would be launched at USD 16

Warner Medias new SVOD OTT will include the HBO, Cinemax catalog, and the original Warner Bros TV and movie offerings. According to what the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported, the platforms monthly subscription will cost between USD 16 and USD 17, and will be launched before the end of the year. The company [...]

Globo and Warner Bros renew agreement to show films on Brazilian FTA TV

Globo and Warner Bros ran a multi-year renewal agreement, which will allow the Brazilian TV channel to broadcast the company’s titles exclusively on Brazilian FTA TV.  Some of the Warner Bros movies that can be watched on Globo as part of the agreement are Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindewald, The Meg, Oceans 8, Rampage, and [...]

SBT, Record and Rede TV to invest in Brazilian films realizations

Simba Content, a joint venture that brings together Brazilian pay TV channels Rede TV, Record and SBT, together with the Paris Entertainment production company and Paris Films distributor, ran an agreement to develop film productions, and they promise to make at least 11 this year. According to Renata Rezende, Paris Entertainments Executive Director, the aim [...]

Rakuten TV develops its international expansion

Rakuten TV, OTT platform based in Spain that includes films and TV series in its offer, announced its expansion to more than 30 European countries, which could also include Asian and Latin American markets. The platform produced its first own film in 2018 and is available under free TVOD and SVOD models. Jacinto Roca, CEO [...]

Movistar Play to be launched in Mexico

According to Telefónica Mexico, Movistar Play will be launched in that country on March 21st. Its offer will include its own production series, films, exclusive TV channels, sports, children’s content, documentaries and access to Netflix, with whom Telefónica has a global alliance for offering content. The company also reported that customers can watch all offers [...]

Disney+ includes all Disney films

Disney+, OTT to be launched at the end of the year, will include all titles produced by Disney throughout its history in its catalog, as confirmed by Bob Iger, CEO of the company, during the annual shareholders meeting that took place last week. Disney+ will put together what we call our catalog products, movies and [...]

New Brazilian OTT Spcine Play starts on November 23

The debut of the new OTT platform Spcine Play of Brazil will be next November 23. The site www.spcineplay.com.br already allows user registration, which began on November 1. The service, announced in November 2016, will be transactional and will offer national production films. In its first phase, Spcine Play will offer only ten titles of [...]

Telefé de Argentina aprovecha el estreno de la película El Clan para lanzar una serieArgentina’s Telefé launches series at the same time as the release of the movie El Clan

El canal de TV abierta Telefé de Argentina anunció que lanzará en septiembre de 2015 la miniserie Historia de un Clan. El anuncio llega a pocos días del estreno de la película El Clan (el pasado 13 de Agosto), en cuya producción Telefé estuvo involucrado. El film, que tuvo una gran campaña publicitaria, está basada [...]

HBO se aseguró en Latinoamérica el estreno de la nueva trilogía de Star WarsHBO secured the Latin American premiere of the new Star Wars trilogy

La cadena de canales premium HBO renovó su vínculo con la compañía Disney por cinco años más y se aseguró el estreno en televisión de la nueva trilogía de Star Wars en América Latina, con la excepción de Brasil. Además, se realizarían otras tres películas de la saga en forma paralela y también tendrían su [...]