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Colombia and EU deliver DTT equipment

The European Union (EU) and the Colombian Government have delivered 2,830 DTT equipment in the department of Chocó (located in the northwestern of the country) as part of the digital TV implementation in the country. The EU reported that on September 28 the equipment (set-top boxes and antennas) began to be delivered to households in [...]

ANTV, EU boost digital TV deployment in Colombia

Colombia’s National Television Authority (ANTV) and the European Union (EU) announced the beginning of an agreement to support the migration to digital terrestrial television in Colombia. The agreement includes an investment of 8 million (USD 9.4 million) by the EU, which will target three key aspects: technical assistance to government entities, set-top boxes for the [...]

OTT box to deliver African TV channels across EU

Thema, distributor and agent for themed and ethnic TV channels worldwide, has entered a partnership deal with Alpha Networks to launch the first OTT-box that provides African TV channels across the European Union. The OTT box Le Bouquet Africain – La Box TV, allows viewers to watch over 20 major African national public and private [...]