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Digital migration showing progress in South Africa

South Africa Department of Communications (DOC) has announced progress toward the digital migration for all households in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). According to Ayanda Dlodlo the DOC minister claims it to be the result of the new budget voted last week. The DTT deadline has been missed nonetheless. The government is still going into [...]

Digital Migration in South Africa slow down due to legal issues

South Africas Department of Communications (DOC) declared that the analogue signal has been terminated in 88 towns in seven provinces near the sea. The DOC announced that the signal will be switch off for the inner territories during the year 2019/2020. Despite the country being one of the richest in Africa digital migration is still [...]

Government in South Africa handed out STBs in Limpopo

After missing the 2015 deadline set by the International Telecommunication Union for all countries to migrate from analogue to digital broadcasting, government in South Africa is accelerating its DTT awareness campaign in the country. The Department of Communication(DOC) in partnership with its stakeholders handed out STBs to residents of various towns in Limpopo. According to [...]