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Chile to start DTT migration process in 2024 with more demands for TV channels

After a month of conversations between FTA channels and Chilean Communications Subsecretary (Subtel), Chilean Government put off the analog blackout for April 2024. According to industry authorities, TV channels presented several arguments to delay the initial date, which was agreed for April 2020, and Subtel fixed a schedule to follow with greater demands to implement [...]

Bolivia puts off analog blackout without setting a new date

Bolivian Government informed it decided to postpone the analog blackout, with the aim for smaller channels and general population to get ready to migrate to DTT. The process was scheduled to begin in November this year in different phases, until its conclusion, in 2024. No new date was announced for its implementation. Alvaro Garcia Linera, [...]

Salvadoran Government delivers free STBs to move towards DTT

According to statistical reports developed by the Salvadoran Consumer Protection, more than 65% of TVs in that market are available to receive the digital coverage. El Salvador began its transition to DTT at the end of 2018, and, up to now, only Channel 10 -owned by the State- has access to it. Ricardo Salazar, Consumer [...]

South Africa’s North West village welcomes the DTT campaign

The Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) campaign is moving towards the North-West border village of South Africa. Awareness will be raised regarding the new era of high-definition television through the DTT process, among residents in the village of Ramatlabama, near Mahikeng. A DTT Imbizo will be held on the border of Botswana and led by the [...]

Government subsidised STBs on demand in South Africa

A sharp increase has been reported regarding the number of government subsidized set-top boxes. With 11709 registrations captured in January, a total of 36042 TV households have registered for the set-top boxes (STBs). Commenting on the fact, Faith Muthambi, the Minister of Communications of South Africa, said: It is encouraging to see the growth in [...]

Sentech targets DTT completion by end 2014

Sentech, the state owned signal distributor for South African broadcasting, announced that it will complete its digital terrestrial television (DTT) network by the end of 2014, enabling the country to initiate analogue switch-off. In March 2013, the company had increased the DTT network population coverage to 82.13% by constructing 46 new sites. Upon completion, the [...]

Cape Verde aims for DTT testing lab

Cape Verde, the island country in Western Africa, wants to host a testing laboratory for the implementation of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) member countries. Cape Verde is a country with mountainous islands, a very rugged terrain, valleys and streams, unlike other members of ECOWAS, which are completely [...]

M-Net voices criticism on DTT encryption

MultiChoice owned African pay-TV operator, M-Net, has opposed the inclusion of encryption control in the South Africas digital terrestrial television (DTT) set top boxes (STB) by publishing an advertisement in the national newspaper. M-Net argues that DTT should be free of encryption as compulsory encryption would add costs to both the consumer and the government [...]

Netflix, Apple pose ‘real threat’ to MultiChoice

Pay-TV operator, MultiChoice revealed that online video streaming providers including Netflix, Apple and Google, pose real threat to the South Africas subscription broadcasting industry. Imtiaz Patel, Group CEO of MultiChoice South Africa, said that while MultiChoice and rival, e.tv, are locked in a high-stakes battle over the use of encryption in free-to-air digital terrestrial television, [...]