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Dekkho opts Brightcove for OTT service empowerment

Dekkho, the streaming video service specializing in the delivery of premium content in India, has selected Brightcove for the empowerment of its OTT service. The news was announced by the provider of cloud services for video, Brightcove. The online video platform provides users with a high-quality and customized video experience with video content which may [...]

Dekkho strikes deal with Times Music to up content offer

Dekkho, the online video streaming platform founded by Pillai and Desai, is teaming up with Times Music, the record label and music publisher. Resulting from this link up is the offering of Bollywood, music videos and regional content to its subscribers. Tanay Desai, one of the two co-founders of Dekkho, commented about the linkup: Times [...]

‘Dekkho’, video streaming platform, goes live this month, in India

Dekkho, a modern content aggregator and video streaming platform founded by Vinay Pillai and Tanay Desai, is all in for its launch beginning of January, this year. It is an over-the-top content provider where users are not being charged and has an advertising-led revenue model. Content will be provided to Indians across the globe different [...]