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Da Vinci Learning establishes an OTT service

Da Vinci learning, the knowledge TV channel being a subsidiary of German media network Da Vinci Media GmbH and a joint venture with Raghav Bahls Quintillion Media, has recently introduced its OTT service on its website. Soon to be available via an application, the OTT service is accessible through its web-based application on davinci-learning.in. Content [...]

Da Vinci Media to launch new channel in India

Germany-based Da Vinci Media and Network18 founder Raghav Bahls The Quint have signed a deal for a new channel. The companies have partnered for a joint venture to launch a TV channel as well as a digital edutainment platform for Indian audience, reports Television Post. The channel will target children aged between 6 and 12. [...]

German company to launch edutainment channel in India

German media company, Da Vinci Media GmbH, has announced to launch an edutainment and kids genre channel, Da Vinci Learning, in India by the end of 2014. The company is awaiting approval from the government. We believe there is consumer demand for educational TV content in India, which is currently being marginally met. With digitisation, [...]