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Telpin to integrate Colsecor’s Sensa platform

During NexTV Series Argentina, Dario Oliver, general manager of Telpin, said that the cooperative will soon launch Sensa, the product developed by Colsecor that integrates linear TV and VOD. The executive participated in the panel called “TV challenges for South American Telcos” with speakers from Paraguays Copaco and Uruguays Antel. Telpin started its IPTV development [...]

Colsecor integrates linear TV and VOD in new platform

Colsecor, an entity that gathers cooperatives and SMEs in Argentina, announced the launch of Sensa, a new product that integrates linear, live TV and VOD content, which users can access through multiple devices. It will be available from June 12. Sensa will allow users to pause live TV, restart shows already in progress and access [...]

Conax secures multiple new pay TV and multi-DRM deployments in Argentina

Conax announced that it has signed two new agreements in Argentina with regional pay TV operators CableVideo and Colsecor, which have all selected technology and services from Conax and regional partner, BOLD MSS, to drive expansion in Pay TV and multi-DRM content offerings. CableVideo is deploying pay TV and OTT advanced consumer offerings based on [...]

Conax cierra acuerdos con operadores de Argentina

Conax anunció dos nuevos acuerdos en Argentina con los operadores regionales de TV paga CableVideo y Colsecor, que seleccionaron la tecnología y servicios de la empresa y su partner regional, BOLD MSS, para impulsar la expansión de sus ofertas de TV paga y contenido multi-DRM. CableVideo está desplegando una oferta de TV paga y OTT [...]

HBO GO launches SVOD service in Argentina

HBO Latin America announced the launch of HBO GO as a subscription service in partnership with local distributor Colsecor, an entity that gathers cooperatives and SMEs of Argentina. The monthly subscription for Colsecor’s clients costs $155 (USD 9.9). This is the first step of HBO to begin offering this new business model in the country. The [...]

HBO GO lanza servicio SVOD en Argentina

HBO Latin America anunció el lanzamiento de HBO GO como un servicio por suscripción en asociación con el distribuidor local Colsecor, organización integrada por un conjunto de cooperativas y pymes de todo el país. El precio de la suscripción mensual para los clientes de estas cooperativas es de $155 (USD 9,9). Se trata del primer [...]

Arsat de Argentina firma acuerdo con Colsecor para TV e Internet en localidades pequeñas

La empresa estatal de telecomunicaciones Arsat firmó un acuerdo con Colsecor, entidad que nuclea a más de 200 cooperativas de Argentina, para la provisión de servicios de transporte multicast y de Internet a través de la Red Federal de Fibra Óptica.   Mediante el acuerdo, Colsecor asume el compromiso de conectar en una primera etapa [...]

Argentina’s Arsat signs deal with Colsecor to offer TV and Internet in small cities

The state-owned telecommunications company Arsat announced an agreement with Colsecor, entity that gathers more than 200 cooperatives of Argentina, for the provision of multicast transport services and Internet through its Federal Fiber Optic Network.   Through the agreement, Colsecor is committed to connect in a first stage a minimum of 50 cities providing internet services [...]

Colsecor de Argentina suma el servicio de TV Everywhere a la plataforma Colsecor PlayColsecor of Argentina adds TV Everywhere service to its platform Colsecor Play

La Cooperativa de Provisión y Comercialización de Servicios Comunitarios de Radiodifusión (Colsecor) de Argentina lanzó el servicio de TV Everywhere integrado a su plataforma Colsecor Play, que ya tiene un catálogo de películas y series en modo Video On Demand (VOD). Desarrollada por la empresa de tecnología Toolbox de Argentina, el servicio integra ahora las [...]