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CNN-IBN to flourish after new content agreement between TV18 and CNN

TV18 and CNN both announced their renewed partnership will continue in order to build on the success of the news channel CNN-IBN. Being one of India’s leading television broadcast networks, TV18 had already launched into a partnership with American news giant CNN. The new agreement will provide both parties the opportunity to take the partnership [...]

TV18, CNN to conclude 10-year partnership

TV18 and CNN have announced that they will not renew their licencing agreements and will work independently from January, 2016. Global Broadcast News and CNN Turner had signed an agreement back in 2005 for the English news channel- CNN IBN, according to the Press Trust of India. Over the years, GBN became IBN18 Broadcast Ltd [...]

CNN-IBN and IBN7 provide exclusive content on Facebook

CNN-IBN and IBN7 will offer exclusive news videocasts to engage with digital audiences on Facebook. IBN News Network also creates interactive engagement around its awards in the news television, the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year. We are really excited to be working with Facebook to engage with our audiences in a relevant and meaningful way. [...]