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Cellcom TV Israel to provide additional sports channels from RGE

Great news for Israeli subscribers. Cellcom TV (the OTT service provider) from Cellcom Israel, the telecommunications company, will now offer more sports from RGE on its TV channel. In addition to the Cellcoms existing sports channel, One HD, RGE groups sports channel will be available among which are Sport 5, Sport+ 5, Sport +5 LIVE, [...]

Israel’s Cellcom TV secures Italian series ‘Romanze Criminale’

Cellcom TV, Israeli on-demand video service, has acquired Romanze Criminale from Germany-based Beta Film. The agreement was brokered by content management company Vubiquity. Romanzo Criminale is an Italian television series and will air in Israel this summer. The series is one among the many series brought on the platform by Vubiquity. The content services company [...]