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Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, owner of America Movil, talked about the regulatory changes that will come into effect in the telecommunications sector in Argentina. Slim stressed the need for several players to offer the same service in order to “avoid the current situation in the satellite TV market, where there is only one company operating”. […]

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim will launch this year a new Spanish-language channel – called Nuestra Visión (Our Vision) – tailored to the Mexican audience in the United States. The channel will be provided by Publicidad y Contenido Editorial, wholly-owned subsidiary of América Móvil. Nuestra vision will feature Mexican films, including black and white movies and […]

El empresario mexicano Carlos Slim lanzará este año un nuevo canal en español –llamado Nuestra Visión- para el público mexicano que reside en los Estados Unidos.  La señal estará a cargo de Publicidad y Contenido Editorial, una subsidiaria de América Móvil. Nuestra Visión ofrecerá películas, que incluirán cintas en blanco y negro y producciones actuales. […]