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Metrotel launches comprehensive solution for transporting high quality videos

Metrotel, a telecommunications business that provides services to leading companies in Argentina, presented its Video Matrix, a new comprehensive on demand, stand-alone  and easy to implement solution for transporting high quality videos. It is a new technology that allows the user, which may be the headend, the channel,  cable or production company to hire according [...]

Chilean classic football match was broadcast for the first time in Argentina

Chilean classic football match between teams Catholic University and Chilean University, which was played yesterday at the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium in Las Condes because of the eight local competitions fixture date, was broadcast for the first time in Argentina through TNT Sports, together with the Chilean Football Channel (CDF). Apart from the match, [...]

Globo wants to integrate OTT and free-to-air TV

Brazil’s Globo began this year to rethink the strategy of its OTT service Globoplay. Recently, the company announced an expansion of the catalog with the addition of international series. Now, Globo’s technology director, Raymundo Barros, pointed out that the aim is for the OTT and broadcast environments to operate in an integrated and complementary manner. [...]

North Telecom plans broadcast expansion next year

UAE-based satellite services provider, North Telecom, is planning to expand its operations in broadcasting by 2015. North Telecom has a plan, in early 2015 we will have another broadcasting hotspot for the whole African continent. We have a plan to bring almost 50-60 TV channels over Africa, said Hadi Nazari, CEO, North Telecom. Last year, [...]

Egypt to toughen satellite broadcast laws

Egypts Investment Minister, Usamah Salih, this week announced an amendment to the law covering satellite broadcasters which will result in channels being fined for violations rather than simply switching off transmission. The amended law will also see broadcasters sent a warning, followed by a suspension alert and afterwards withdrawal of their permits. Salih noted that [...]

NBC finds Nigerian broadcasters unprepared for digital migration

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has acknowledged that Nigerian broadcasters are not ready for the DTT transition and says practitioners are unprepared in terms of skills and attitude. While addressing the third Broadcast Media Stakeholders Forum, aimed at raising awareness about digital migration among broadcasters Emeka Mba, Director General of the NBC, said that the [...]

NBC preps dedicated channel for coverage of parliamentary sessions

Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has started live, unedited broadcast of parliamentary sessions on the newly launched NBC 2 channel which can be accessed only by customers with a digital decoder box from the NBC. Information and Communication Technology Minister Joel Kaapanda said that the NBC is currently only testing the project, and once it has [...]