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DAZN launches new production with Brazilian football players who play in European clubs

The sports OTT DAZN is launching Saudade, its new Brazilian series to be released this Saturday, November 9th, which follows Brazilian football players in Europe. During each episode, a different football player will reflect about his current affairs, how his life in Europe is, how had his career began and the nostalgia they feel for [...]

Telefónica grows in IPTV and FTTH and loses DTH

In its January-September 2019 results report, Telefónica reported revenues valued at 36,023 million (USD 39,882.86 million), of which Brazil accounts for 21%, followed by the Hispam Sur countries (Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay), which account for 12%, and Hispam Norte (Colombia, Mexico, Central America, Ecuador and Venezuela), with an 8%. The company highlighted that in [...]

Telefonica continues with its FTTH and IPTV development and covered more than 10 million HPs in Brazil

In its Q3 2019 results report, Telefonica Brazil – where it operates under the Vivo brand – added 33 new cities to its FTTH network between January and September, which, to date, amount to 154, taking into account the 121 where the company deployed FTTH in 2018. At Q3 2019, the company has also covered [...]

Sky Brazil makes it difficult for CNN to enter its programming grid

Before entering the Brazilian market, CNN ran an agreement with Claro Brazil, in order to distribute its contents in the country. Now, CNN is trying to negotiate with Sky to add its contents to an intermediate package from the pay TV operator, but  Sky rejected the news TV network proposal. According to specialized Brazilian media [...]

Netflix plans to invest about USD 87 million in Brazilian productions in 2020

Netflix will invest R$ 350 million (USD 87 million) in Brazilian productions during 2020 and will launch up to 30 new titles for that market. Greg Peters, Chief Product Officer at Netflix, said the investment will focus on new series and seasons of existing titles. The announcement was made during Futurecom, a telecommunications and technology [...]

SBT Videos, Brazil’s SBT OTT, already has its web version

Brazilian Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (SBT) launched SBT Videos, its own OTT platform, a content aggregator that makes videos from SBT hosted on YouTube. At present, only the OTT web version is available for free, with no need to pay any subscription. The platforms offer also includes live SBT programming.  Some of the contents available [...]

moTV.eu develops full pay TV system for Globo

The Brazilian company Globo ran an agreement with European provider moTV.eu to create a full pay TV system, developed together with Youcast, the providers local partner. The systems commercial launch was made earlier this year.  Through the use of the moTV platform, Globo is able to offer its customers live channels and on demand content, [...]

CNN deals with Claro for its distribution in Brazil

Before its official launch in Brazil, CNN ran an agreement with Claro in that country to distribute its contents through the operator. Through this partnership, Claro customers in Brazil will be able to access CNN programming through the operator’s Basic HD package, and on the Now platform, with live and on demand programming. Although its [...]

Amazon Prime Video launches its second original production in Brazil next year

Amazon Prime Video announced the reality show Soltos em Floripa, its second original production in Brazil, planned to be launched in 2020, and produced by Brazilian producer Floresta. The reality brings together eight participants from different regions of the country in a Florianopolis house, where they will enjoy a fun season while they live together. [...]