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Brazil supports Botswana in digital TV implementation

Brazil is providing technical support to Botswana as the only country in Africa to use the Japanese-Brazilian digital TV standard, the ISDB-T. In Brasilia, during a meeting of the two parties, was the exchange of information on acquisition and distribution of antennas and receivers for the new technology. In addition, Brazil proposed that Botswana send [...]

Botswana to introduce a new channel for entrepreneurs

Botswana is planning to launch a new channel for the youth of the country. According to Thapelo Olopeng, who is the Minister of of Youth, Sport and Culture, the country will soon introduce a channel dedicated to entrepreneurs.  Olopeng believes that empowering the young population through information can create new job opportunities in the long-run, [...]

Botswana TV to run pilot test on June

Botswana Television (BTV), through the Department of Broadcasting Services, will run a pilot test for Botswana Televisions digital readiness ahead of its June 17 switchover. The pilot is expected to run from the 1st of June at selected locations around Gaborone and the greater Gaborone area. This will require the installation of Digital Terrestrial reception [...]