StarTimes to sue Ghana over contract termination

Chinese pay-TV operator, StarTimes, is suing the Government of Ghana USD 200 million over a contract termination. The operator has alleged that the government did not follow due procedure in terminating the contract.

Back in 2012, StarTimes was chosen by Ghana to install a digital terrestrial TV network in the country. The cabinet has taken StarTimes off the DTT project and has given the contract to the Ghanaian company, K-NET.

“K-NET is expected to complete the entire migration process in nine months, with the project divided into three phases,” according to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. “Cabinet, at a previous sitting, approved the auctioning of spectrums to be freed from the migration to pay for the cost of the digital migration.”

“KNET’s eighty-two million dollar contract sum is thirteen million dollars cheaper than the 95 million dollar StarTimes contract, which was terminated for non-performance,” GBC added.

StarTimes is filing a case against the Ghanaian government at the London Court of International Arbitration, according to Tech Central.