StarTimes reduces decoder price in Uganda

StarTimes, the Pay TV service provider, has cut costs of decoders in Uganda. The company says that it decided to reduce the price to make digital TV more accessible to masses.

Decoders in Uganda will now cost Shs 33,500 from Shs 49,500 earlier ( about USD10 from USD15.25), reports A statement from the company also says that new subscribers will get three month access for its Nova bouquet, which costs around Shs 8,000 or about USD2.5.

“This is aimed at ensuring that every Ugandan can afford digital TV,” Christine Nagujja, the firm’s publicist, said in the statement, according to AllAfrica.

Uganda is one of the few African nations that met the International Telecommunications Union’s analogue switch-off deadline. The country began switching off analogue signals from 15 June, 2015, ahead of the 17 June deadline set by ITU.

Other pay TV companies in the region, such as Go TV Uganda, have also launched promotional offers coupled with free decoders to increase their subscriber base.