StarTimes planning to reach 30 million subs in 30 African countries by 2018

StarTimes is looking ahead to expand its presence in Africa as the continent embraces digital migration. Guo Ziqi, the firm’s vice president announced that the firm had a goal to expand to reach 30 million subscribers in 30 African countries in Africa by 2018.

“Our goal is to help see that every African family has access to TV, which has been expensive,” revealed Ziqi.


Launched in Africa in 2002 with Rwanda, StarTimes has now has seven million Pay TV subscribers in at least 10 African countries. In Africa, StarTimes has operations in Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Republic of central Africa, guinea and Kenya.  Ziqi says the company struggled to gain foothold of the market in Africa during its initial years, due to an unfriendly business climate.


“Most countries were still relying on analogue transmission, the signal was bad and prices were unaffordable,” she observes.


She added that besides expanding its reach in Africa, StarTimes is seeking to help improve access to TV and the continent’s digitization drive.


Commenting on content, Ziqi said that StarTimes is also open to collaboration with African entities to expand its cache of local content programs, including programs for children and agriculture. Moreover, StarTimes is planning to establish a large complex in neighbouring Kenya that will serve as its regional head office.