StarTimes offers set-top boxes to its media partners in Guinea


StarTimes has recently offered several decoders and two years of subscription to its Guinean media partners for their support and collaboration for promoting their services

According to the Director of Startimes, Qiao Ying, 2018 was a special year for StarTimes which marked its 30th years of existence and 10 years of penetration in Africa.

Qiao Ying, declared, ” In 2018 we did a lot of activities that were concretized by the media you are (…), so why not on our side have a recognition from the media partners. It’s true when it comes to a birthday, we receive gifts but for our company it’s the opposite, instead of receiving we offer for each media a decoder plus two years of free subscription and you have access to all StarTimes channels. We are gratifying this to the media that came with us in 2018. Last year we launched our StarTimes application through which we had a lot of customers. Our company has more than 20 million users in Africa. And in Guinea we also got enough customers thanks to the media. We also launched the access project for 10,000 African villages which was a great success thanks to the media that made public all we had to convey as a message to customers and users.”

According to the Director of StarTimes in Guinea, her company also organized the summit of the Africa-China Cooperation Forum and the conference on the fight against AIDS in 2018 and signed many contracts in several fields of activity including football.

“We also signed partnerships with SOS Village, we also sponsored and produced a full Nollywood series that was a first in Africa. In sport we have also signed partnerships with Ugandan and Senegalese teams. For all these gratuities we offer to each media a decoder + 2 years of subscription ”, indicated Qiao Ying.