StarTimes in Rwanda targeting 400000 subscribers

The Chinese Pay TV operator is targeting 400 000 households in Rwanda that could acquire a digital TV following the company investment of US $ 92 million in the country. The project has been described by Rwanda’s ambassador in China as a partnership in order to increase penetration and access to information in rural areas of the

We estimate about 10 per cent of households in Rwanda are owning a TV set. The project is targeting the most modest homes in the country and the beneficiaries will pay for the TV sets supplied by the Chinese firm which is also planning the building of a call center in the

It is not the first project done by StarTimes which has already set off a US $ 4.1 million project in Rwanda. The Rwanda Broadcasting agency (RBA) has announced its will to work with its investor particularly on the upcoming presidential election.

StarTimes has announced that this TV system will be solar powered which will allow savings and less disturbance due to the weak electrical infrastructure in Rwanda.