StarTimes creates an Igbo based channel

Pay TV operator StarTimes creates a new channel in Nigeria called Isi Mbido.  The particularity of the channel is that the content will be broadcast in 100% Igbo and only movies will have subtitles.

The main goal of this channel is described by StarTimes COO Tunde Aina who declared : ”The new channel called Isi Mbido, which means The Source, was a niche channel designed to entertain and propagate the rich Igbo culture, targeting the youth, the young at heart and the older generation, and in fact, the entire family primarily with movies, music, lifestyle and general entertainment content.”

The channel wants to be the culture bridge between contemporary cultures and the Ndi Igbo legacy. Let’s not forget that this population of 25 million people constitute 18% of the country which means they are the third biggest community of this country.

The key programs are Ututu Oma Nu, Oge Anuli, the first one being a daily morning show and Oge Anuli, a daily lunch time entertainment. StarTimes promise many more programs on the dedicated channels.

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