Startimes asked for a review of Nigerian FG broadcast policies

Startimes the Chinese pay-TV operator in Africa calls to the Nigeria federal government to urges them on policies creations in order to support and promote the broadcast industry. This request is due according to Tunde Aina COO of StarTimes Nigeria who said that: “Businesses that require a relatively longer time to be profitable also require long term funds at relatively low interest rates. The federal government needs to enable businesses to have access to this type of funds either through local financial institutions if they have the capacity or from foreign financial institutions. Broadcasting infrastructure is almost 100 percent imported into Nigeria, the current economic policies have made it difficult to meet up our foreign monetary obligations and it’s been very challenging to continue to provide our services at the same cost to our customers.”

The Challenge faced by the broadcast industry in the country is due to poor signal cover in general. Tunde Aina commented on this situation:”We recognize that it is almost impossible to cover every inch of Nigerian territory using terrestrial signals, we have therefore provided the Direct to Home  platform which relies on satellite and covers the entire sub-Saharan African territory”. The use of the satellite technology allows the company to override the terrestrial cover problem by using DTH technology.

The subjects that were debated at the NBC stakeholder meeting of February 2017 were as follows: Heavy indebtedness to the NBC, Working out Cost of carriage of content by the 2 signal distributors. Streamlining the functions of key players in the DSO and resolving conflicts. Illegal and rampant use of transmitting power by city based FM stations and resultant interference. Indiscriminate importation of Transmitters not in tandem to terms of license.