StarTimes argues COFEK’s compensation demand over FTA channels

Chinese pay-TV provider, StarTimes, has denied claims by Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) of infringing customers’ rights to view free-to-air channels and requested the High Court to suspend the legal suit against it.

This comes as a fall out of an earlier case filed by three Kenyan broadcasters- Standard Group, Nation Media Group and Royal Media Services, which was ruled in their favour by the Supreme Court following which pay-TV providers were asked to cease airing FTA channels without the consent of these broadcasters. COFEK later sued pay-TV providers, GOtv and StarTimes, and demanded the affected Kenyan subscribers to be compensated for the FTA channels blockage.

StarTimes put forth its argument to the High Court this week and pointed out that the customers never paid for FTA channels, and criticised COFEK for forcing a payment of compensation while the initial legal case is still in process. The pay-TV operator asked the High Court to postpone the COFEK case till the outcome of an appeal to the Supreme Court ruling is finalised.