Star India to launch local version of Turkish drama

Star India, the Indian media and entertainment company, is readying the introduction of the famous Turkish drama, ‘Fatmagul’. It is one of the most successful Turkish drama series, produced by Ay Yapim and based on a novel by Vedat Turkali.

The adapted version will be entitled, ‘Amala’ and will be premiered on April 3 on Star Plus. It consists of 180 episodes lasting for 45 minutes each. The story revolves around a young lady who tries to overcome a group assault. Her engagement broke up and she is forced to marry one of her attackers.

Commenting about the launch, Nixon Yau Lim, head of Asia Pacific at Eccho Rights, the company distributing the original and format rights, said: “The first impression is that Star India has a truly beautiful production which both honours the original script as well as putting a unique local spin on it”.

The show, along with other scripted series from Eccho Rights, will be aired on Zindagi, Star India’s entertainment channel.