Star India hand over seven sport channels to the MIB

Star India surrender seven local sports channel licences received in 2015. The firm is not the only one to do so and was followed by Aries Telecasting, Lamahas Entertainment and GA.

The seven surrendered licenses were Star Sports Bengali, Star Sports Malayalam, Star Sports Malayalam HD, Star Sports Tamil, Star Sports Tamil HD, Star Sports Telugu and Star Sports Telugu HD.

The 3 remaining licences were used to create three sports channel Star Sport Select HD1, Star Sports Select HD2 and Star Gold Select HD. Star has commented on this move: “We have surrendered these licences because our business plans have changed and also because of the change in the regulatory climate. However, this doesn’t mean that we will not launch any channels. The change of plans pertains only to these seven licences that we have surrendered.”

Giving the MIB recent decision to launch six new channels on Republic TV the Indian license landscape is changing rather quickly and the number of available channel went from 892 in February to 888 in March.