Sportflix misses launch date, triggers question marks about its future


Sports streaming platform Sportflix has missed its launched date, set for August 30, as it was previously announced. The company said in a brief statement posted on its website that “before offering a service in exchange for a subscription, the platform must go through the processes necessary to provide the best quality” Meanwhile, in social networks, all accounts are inactive.

Sportflix also states that “pre-registration is still available and it is not necessary to enter banking data or make any kind of payment.” In this way, pre-registered users “will be the first to know the launch date.”

Since announcing its launch, the platform caused a stir with its promise to become the “Netflix of sports”, bringing together in a single service several sports leagues, including soccer. This alerted the TV rights owners in different Latin American countries, who denied negotiations with the OTT. FOX, Turner, ESPN and Brazil’s Globo were some of these companies.

In this context, the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property (IMPI) reported yesterday that it has initiated an investigation after receiving a piracy complaint. According to a statement released by the Institute, Sportflix offers sports programming whose rights belong to Televisa, TV Azteca, FOX Sports, ESPN, TNT and Univisión. The IMPI reviewed the site concluding that the published contents “could violate the article 231 of the Federal Copyright Law (LFDA) and 213 of the Industrial Property Law (LPI).”


Previously, the company Vivian Smith PR Consulting ended its contract with Sportflix due to “widespread non-compliance of several deals with clients.” In social networks, there is no activity on Facebook and Twitter messages appear protected (only followers can see them).