Sony Pictures opts VR experience ‘Resident Evil’ final

Sony Pictures Entertainment has just set up a Virtual Reality (VR) immersive gaming experience for the release of ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’, on February 3.

With this new technology, viewers will be able experience gaming with the haptic technology which gives a tangible and realistic feel to virtual objects. This state-of-the-art gaming experience is actually a collaboration between Sony PCL (Video production company), Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and Sony Corp which is the parent company.

According to the, the new experience features the aforementioned technology to simulate a zombie attack in the movie. Users are required to wear VR glasses and a vest which provides vibration and audio feedback while they shoot at zombies projected on-screen with a gun.

Experiencing the new technology, Vivek Krishnani, the managing director of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), said that they wanted to culminate the last chapter of the movie with an extraordinary move for the fans of the game and the franchise.