Sling TV now available in Puerto Rico


Dish Networks announced the launch of Sling TV OTT service in Puerto Rico. The platform includes English-language services “Sling Orange” and “Sling Blue,” as well as the offer of channels in Spanish. The company is offering new subscribers in the country a seven-day free trial.
Dish has served customers in Puerto Rico for 20 years and now is extending its OTT platform. “The launch of Sling TV on the island is a continuation of our commitment to offer the best options in entertainment, and the streaming service is a great fit for on-the-go customers seeking a mobile, affordable, Internet-delivered solution,” said Reynaldo Pagani, General Manager of Dish Puerto Rico.
According to Jose Romero, General Manager, Spanish-language Marketing of the company, the company have received “hundreds of requests a day from Puerto Ricans interested in Sling TV.”
The offer includes a selection of Spanish-language offering – Best of Spanish TV, Sudamérica, Caribe, España and more – each available for USD10 per month as a standalone service. Customers also have the option of purchasing a Spanish-language service with Sling Orange, Sling Blue or another Spanish-language service to receive a USD5 per month multi-service discount. The company also plans to launch prepaid gift cards in the near future.