Sky Brasil launches new satellite

Sky Brasil (AT&T), the main DTH operator in that country, announced the successful launch of the Sky-B1 satellite, aboard an Ariane-5 rocket from Kourou Base in French Guiana. It is expected to start operating during the first half of 2017, offering more channels and services.

Together with the new satellite, Sky will operate a new transmission and data center located in Jaguariúna, in the interior of Sao Paulo. According to the president of Sky Brasil, Luiz Eduardo Baptista, this is the most important set of investments of company in recent years – R$ 1.3 billion (USD 418 million) for both the satellite and the transmission center.

The Sky-B1 satellite (also known as Intelsat 32e) will be located at 43.1W, with an estimated time of operation of more than 19 years. It will operate through up to 60 Ku-band transponders, ensuring the expansion of the channels offered, said the operator in a statement.

“We are very happy with the success of this operation, which will enable Sky to offer an even more robust service for subscribers throughout the country,” commented the operator’s Engineering Director, Luis Otavio Marchezetti, who will also be responsible for the command of the new control center.