SKY Brasil introduces new prepaid options

SKY Brazil (AT&T) has launched new recharge options for its prepaid customers. The new offer includes recharges ranging from 3 to 30 days, with TV channels Telecine, HBO, Premiere, Combate, Sexy Hot, SexPrive and Playboy TV.

According to the company, customers can select a 30-day recharge of HBO channels for a price starting at $19.90 (USD 6). There are also options for recharging the Telecine channels for 15 days (R$ 22.90, USD 6.9), and 30 days for R$ 34.90 (USD 10.5).

Fans of sports can recharge seven days of Premiere, which broadcasts the main soccer championships in the country, for R$ 29.90 (USD 9). In addition, the seven days recharge of fight channel Combate costs R$ 49.90 (USD 15) or R$ 74.90 for 30 days (USD 22.4).

Subscribers will also be able to recharge adult TV channels Sexy Hot + Playboy TV for 3, 15 or 30 days for a price of R$ 9.90 (USD 3), R$ 22.90 (USD 6.9) and R$ 25.90 (USD 7.8), respectively. There is also 30 days recharge of the TV channels Sex Zone or SexPrive for R$ 34.90 (USD 10.5).