Shreya Broadcasting to introduce devotional channel in end March

Shreya Broadcasting, the private company owning and operating TV5 News, the telugu news channel, is all in for the future launch of a devotional channel in Telugu. The new channel will be christened as ‘Hindu Dharmam’.

Test signal will kick off on the occasion of Ugaadi festival which falls on March 29. It is to be noted that the company is also up for a new Kannada news channel named TV5 Kannada News soon. ‘Hindu Dhramam’ will be focusing on Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions through all the multi-system operators (MSOs) and will be accessible on direct-to-home (DTH) platforms as well in the coming days.

J Srinivas Murthy, the VP of marketing at Shreya Broadcasting, said: “We are launching ‘Hindu Dharmam’ a 24-hour devotional channel on 29 March. We also plan to launch our Kannada news channel TV5 Kannada News soon”.

He also said that: “Initially, our content will focus on valuable speeches from well-known scholars, swamijis, gurujis about our Puranas, Vedas and Dharmas. We will also have special programmes on all Hindu festivals and their speciality. We will also have short films on the culture and tradition of the temples”.

Further elaborating about the launch, Murthy added: “The concept of the Hindu Dharmam channel is to bring awareness among the viewers about Hinduism, Hindu traditions, Hindu culture & Hindu dharma. There will be live coverage of early morning and evening Pooja from the major well-known temples across India”.