ScoopWhoop Media acquires video streaming company, Touchfone

ScoopWhoop Media, the internet media and news company in India, has acquired Touchfone Technology, the Bengaluru-based video streaming firm. the latter’s video streaming and ad targeting service, Strmeasy, will be available with ScoopWhoop Media.

Strmeasy, offering end-to-end solution that helps businesses manage and deliver videos with the best quality, the video delivery platform will allow video streaming with low bandwidths and ScoopWhoop Media will be better able to focus on the video content and quality for specific audience.

Sattvik Mishra, the co-founder and CEO at ScoopWhoop Media, commented: “We’re very excited to have Strmeasy technology come on board. Their unique technology is going to define the publishing spaces of ScoopWhoop, VagaBomb and Gazabpost, both from user acquisition and revenue point of view. We are looking forward to having Brahmayya, Mahesh and their incredibly talented technology team to script the next chapter of ScoopWhoop’s success”.

Brahmayya, the chief integration officer at Strmeasy, said: “Both Mahesh (chief technology officer) and I are very enthusiastic about this change, and are hoping to do some exciting work with ScoopWhoop”.