Saudi Telecom goes for live HD TV Broadcast Network

Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the Saudi-Arabia based telecommunications company, is partnering with Net Insight, the media transport and resource scheduling service provider. With the latter’s Saudi partner, Advanced Communication and Electronics Systems (ACES), Net Insight will provide modern broadcast media network.

This will result in STC creating new and very efficient workflows with the broadcast media service being transported in any video encoding which could be set up rapidly between sites. High definition content will be deployed first, with the ability to scale up to 4K and 8K in the future.

Tarig M. Enaya, Separately Senior Vice President of Enterprise at STC, said: “Essentially, our network is almost everywhere, meaning that SBC or any broadcaster who has an agreement with them can generate a live feed from anywhere in the country. Separately, this also means that broadcast media signals will be ingested IP first from their source, meaning TV audiences will have access to amazing new viewing experiences”.

Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight, declared that: “Our impact and presence in the Middle-East and across a number of other geographies across the world is growing”.

“Partnerships and deployments such as the STC implementation shine a strong light on the pathway for telcos in the region to migrate further towards a more agile, on-demand, infrastructure that the entire broadcasting world is moving towards, where network capacity can be booked and services can provision instantly and automatically. This is the first stage in that journey”, he further said.

Elsewhere, Akram Aburas, CEO of ACES, revealed: “STC’s network is now more robust and provides far greater flexibility in delivering high quality media at both a lower cost and in a reliable manner, which are key goals for the company”.