Recently considering provisional licenses as regular, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has revealed about the number of satellite television channels in India, till date. With 889 a month ago, the new total as of February 28, amounts to 892.

Last month, the MIB cancelled a license while issuing four TV channel licenses. Private satellite TV channels offering news and current affairs makes a total of 391. On the other hand, 501 channels concern non-news and current affairs category.

In the month of February, 169 channels’ licenses have been cancelled among the 1061 licenses approved by the MIB. A total of 782 TV channels for uplink and downlink from and to India were granted permission by the ministry, among which are 413 non-news and 369 news channels.

Only 90 channels can be downlinked into India and among these, the news category represents 25% while the non-news category represents the rest. As for the uplink from India, 20 TV channels have been permitted and this include 13 non-news channels and seven news channels.

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