Samsung could join the race for online TV services


South Korean technology company Samsung would be in talks with Pay-TV market programmers to launch its own online TV service with a package of live channels to compete with other similar projects in the United States, according to


According to close sources, the project is still at an early stage of development and the company could backtrack if not it does not reach the necessary agreements to provide an interesting channel supply. “Our approach is to continue to develop strategic collaborations with content partners rather than compete with them,” Samsung said in a statement.


Samsung seeks to encourage the sale of its electronics and could join a list of companies that began migrating to internet video. DTH Dish launched its Pay-TV OTT Sling in February 2015, the Japanese tech Sony launched PlayStation Vue in 2015 in select cities and reached nationwide coverage in March 2016.


In addition, AT&T announced DirecTV Now for this year and Comcast, the world’s largest TV company, recently announced it will launch its first offer of internet TV via Roku and Samsung Smart TVs in the US.