SABC 3 brings ‘Come Dine with Me South Africa’

The South African state broadcaster, SABC, is bringing back ‘Come Dine with Me South Africa’, on its channel, SABC 3. The television series will be screened in the month of July this year, and will be running for 13 weeks.

‘Come Dine with Me’ is an ITV Studios format and is produced by Rapid Blue, the production and media company in South Africa. The series revolves around four strangers who are amateur chefs in each episode, visiting one another’s homes for dinner, sampling each other’s cooking and commenting about their cooking skills and score each other out of 10.

Kee-Leen Irvine, the MD of Rapid Blue, commented: “We are thrilled to be producing another season of Come Dine with Me, this time on SABC. The series taps into people’s fundamental domestic differences, their cooking and their tastes and what it takes to entertain others in style. With the contestants’ internal feuds and culinary clashes, Come Dine with Me is set to be uniquely South African and contagiously compulsive viewing”.