RTNC in DRC buy back diffusion right for national football

National football league play-off will now be broadcasted on national television in Democratic Republic of Congo. The announcement was made by Francois Claude Kabulo Mwana Kabulo, head of sport at RTNC. FECOFA will have to submit a feasibility report to the sport Minister in order to plan the buyback of the TV rights.

The broadcasting of event was a priority for Roger Bondembe Bokanyanga, VP of the FECOFA, who commented on the situation “Sport aficionados in DRC are claiming for the diffusion of the league which pushed the Sports Minister to inquire about the reasons on the non-diffusion of the football matches”.

The situation seems to be a priority and the head of Sports at RTNC has confirmed the resumption of the broadcast due to popular and political pressure: “As it is the population and authorities wish, I am happy to announce the resuming of the games on the public TV”.