Reliance Jio to launch 4G and IPTV services soon


Something new is in view for Reliance Jio, the mobile telephony, broadband services and digital services provider in India. It will soon provide 4G services on a Pan-India level using LTE technology. The project is being piloted and the company has revealed that they are sure to launch the service nationally.

Actually, the network is accessible to more than 18,000 cities and over 200,000 villages. Its customers amount more on its service Jio Play which offers more than 300 channels among which 30 are of high definition quality, encompassing 15 languages in 10 also proffer 7-day catch up TV with personalised features. Other services next in the line are JioOnDemand, (100,000 hours of HD-ad free movies and trailers), JioBeats (million plus songs in 20 different languages), JioXpresNews (500 plus content publishers) and JioMags (5,000 magazines plus issues across 15 categories and 10 languages).

Moreover, it was reported that 15,000 set top boxes from Vietnam was imported by Reliance Jio. This implies that the company is most probably in for fibre-to-the-home services (FTTH) with the delivery of IPTV to its users. Note that Reliance Jio has already a national MSO license.