Regulator in Kenya stand firm against Netflix

The Kenya Film Classification Board Chief Executive Officer, Ezekiel Mutua declared that the board will not give up their demand to the fact that Netflix should rate their content as per Kenyan standards despite opposition from multiple quarters. Speaking to Capital News, Mutua said the Board was not in a, “popularity contest,” and called on Kenyans not to dismiss them based on other people’s opinions and before giving them, “an honest to God listening.”

Mutua said that while they understand that Netflix provides over-the-top content and does not require to apply for a licence to stream in Kenya, it was, “parochial,” to argue that Netflix and other OTT content providers cannot and should not be regulated.

He further said what the Commission is demanding is, “not out of this world,” citing Singapore, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom as countries which have demanded that the Netflix show ratings be customised to their specific markets.

“Netflix content is not universal. Go and read. In fact, Canada is more conservative and they’ve rated it even more stricter than we’re trying to do here in Kenya.”

“We know that they are not traditional broadcasters and we don’t have anything against Netflix in particular; Hulu is coming, WhateverTV is coming, are we meant to just throw our hands up in the air and say oh well, the internet is difficult to regulate?” he added.