Registered MSO authorised by MIB to operate on existing license in India

Authorization has been granted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to registered multi-system operators (MSOs) to operate in India, irrespective of their registration area.

A circular issued by undersecretary to the government Anil Kumar from the MIB states as follows: “This is regarding grant of registration to MSOs for operation in DAS notified areas. MIB had been granting MSO registration for specific DAS notified areas, city, town, state, or on pan-India basis as requested by the applicant MSOs. Now, it has been decided that the all registered MSOs are free to operate in any parts of the country, irrespective of registration for specified DAS notified area(s) granted by the MIB”.

Further, the circular notifies that any registered MSO being in operation in any DAS-notified areas, in any part of the India, would be considered as having implemented the service on its part. This is irrespective of the number of the set-top boxes (STBs) installed by the operator.

Nonetheless, the registered MSO has to hand the details of headend, subscriber management system (SMS), subscribers list and a self-certificate that he is carrying all the mandatory DD channels. This has to be done within six months from date of issuance of MSO registration, to the MIB. In case the operator fails to submit these particular details, the MSO registration is liable to be cancelled/suspended.