Rakuten TV desarrolla su expansión internacional

Rakuten TV, plataforma OTT basada en España que incluye la oferta de películas y series de TV, anunció su expansión a más de 30 países de Europa, que podría incluir también  mercados de Asia y América Latina. La plataforma produjo su primer película propia en 2018 y está disponible bajo modelos gratuitos, TVOD y SVOD. [...]

Rakuten TV develops its international expansion

Rakuten TV, OTT platform based in Spain that includes films and TV series in its offer, announced its expansion to more than 30 European countries, which could also include Asian and Latin American markets. The platform produced its first own film in 2018 and is available under free TVOD and SVOD models. Jacinto Roca, CEO [...]

Iflix to be launched in Africa

Iflix, the Malaysian video-on-demand platform, is making its way into the African continent. With major investments raised among giants of telecommunications operator in the surrounding regions of Africa and in the Middle East, the Iflix is all in to launch its platform in Africa. Lately, Iflix has raised an amount of 90 million USD and [...]

StarTimes and HS Media sealed the deal for live Bundesliga matches

The sports media and entertainment industry in Nigeria is taking a new turn. StarTimes, the Chinese pay-TV operator in Africa, has signed the pact with HS Media Group in Lagos. Live telecast of the German Bundesliga will be available in the country. The huge deal involved several millions of dollars whereby live Bundesliga matches and [...]