Rainbow TV to cover Malawi parliament

Richard Msowoya Speaker of the Malawian parliament has announced the approval of the new application about the recently launched channel called Rainbow Television. The objective of this channel is to film all parliamentary debate.

The speaker commented on the decision: “In this regard, the Business Committee noted an increasing demand by media houses wanting to cover business in the Chamber, which is commendable development since this Parliament is for Malawians and not only limited to those of us who are sitting here,”

But a question remain how are the journalist be fitting in the parliament since space is limited, Happy Jonathan Saka answered to these allegations “As such, the Business Committee resolved that, with immediate effect, the journalists should cover parliamentary proceedings from outside the Chamber.  I am sure that is why you can now see the space next to the dispatch boxes is empty,”

Other private broadcaster such as Zodiak and Times TV have been allowed inside the parliament alongside with the public broadcaster MBC