Qubit TV launches in Chile

Streaming platform Qubit TV is already operational in Chile, a market that represents a “fundamental” step in the company’s expansion plan and where it expects to reach 100,000 users in the first year, B2C Marketing Manager Gabriel Posocco confirmed to NexTV News Latam. The monthly subscription costs CH$ 4,000 (USD 6).

Although the service is already operational, the company has not yet carried out a promotional campaign and in the meantime is holding meetings with potential partners in that country to move forward with the launch. The expectations in the market are high. Qubit TV’s Director of Marketing and B2B, Sebastian Camiser, said that the company expects to double the initial target of 100,000 users by 2018 and then grow between 20% and 30% each year, reported La Tercera.

Qubit TV was originally launched in Argentina, where it has its headquarters, and then expanded the service to other Latin American countries. It also operates in Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Guatemala. Posocco told NexTV News Latam that the next step is to launch the platform in Peru.

The service offers a library with more than 3,000 films in HD and with subtitles in Spanish. It includes not only Hollywood productions, but also independent and Latin American films, one of its main attractions.

Qubit TV CEO Fernando de la Iglesia will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series South America, the leading conference organized by Dataxis, to be held on June 14 and 15 in Buenos Aires, the Alvear Palace Hotel.