Qubit TV expands its service in Latin America


OTT service Qubit TV plans to launch its platform in Peru at the end of the month, said during NexTV Series South America the CEO of the company, Facundo de la Iglesia.

With the launch in Peru, Qubit will be operating in eight markets (Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Peru).

The service’s catalogue features a wide range of movies but in Colombia the company has also added the FTA TV channels Caracol and Telemedellìn, and plans to add others in the near future.

“We are going for a ‘skinny bundle’ model. Our clients use our platform to watch movies and we aim to understand what happens with those clients when we provide them with the offering of Caracol”, stated De la Iglesia on the executive panel titled “OTT strategies for subscription”.

“We decided to begin with Colombia because their market is simple and deregulated. Also, by offering two broadcast signals –Caracol and RCN- you can get 85% of the primetime ratings”. 

According to De la Iglesia, OTTs “do not compete and complement with each other”. That is why it is possible for “Latin-American clients to subscribe to more than one VOD OTT service”.

“It is very interesting the fact that 18% of the Americans that consume VOD OTT services have one or more subscriptions. That is what we are aiming for”.

Qubit offers both the subscription and transactional options, although transactional content “has very little economic impact,” the executive said, “but we use it for marketing.”


During the event, Qubit’s CEO expressed concern about payment methods. “I am more concerned about the means of payment than the acquisition of customers. Customers are there but 75% of Latin Americans do not have a credit card, “he said.