Public broadcaster of Morocco opts EVS for HD transitions

The SNRT (Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision), the public broadcaster of Morocco, strikes a deal with EVS Broadcast Equipment SA, the company offering live video production technology, for the delivery of fully-centralised HD news production infrastructure.

Ten television channels will be operated by SNRT, using the EVS technology with its transitions to HD. Content from the broadcaster will be produced by SNRT and the news production workflow will be shared on the channels of media broadcaster with the EVS’ XS3 live media servers at its base.

The production infrastructure will allow content to be ingested efficiently, to be created, managed, edited and playout for SNRT, with the numerous products integrated together in a single HD workflow.

Faiçal Laraichi, CEO of SNRT, commented: “Because we operate ten channels at once, having an intelligent centralised workflow that’s completely interoperable is very important. When you’re producing multiple shows back to back like we do, we need technology that lets our production teams work as quickly and as efficiently as possible”.

“We’ve been a customer of EVS’ for a number of years, using their solutions for sports broadcasting on our Arryadia sports channel as well as for live coverage of the Marrakech International Film Festival. Therefore, we know that this technology is the most reliable choice as we move to HD production”, added Faiçal Laraichi.

He also said: “This is an important transition and defining moment for us as a broadcaster, so it’s reassuring to know we’ve got the right technical infrastructure behind us”.



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