Prepaid strategy helps propel SKY Brasils growth

DTH operator SKY Brazil (AT&T) has been basing its strategy on the prepaid system since the beginning of last year, which allowed it to increase by more than 80% its customer base in the Midwest region of the country, when compared to 2015.

The company sees in this business model a way to address the economic crisis. “2016 was a challenge for all sectors of the economy and also for pay TV industry,” Agrício Silva Neto, VP of Marketing and Programming at SKY, told NexTV News Brasil.

According to the executive, “the company knew how to respond to the market during the crisis through the prepaid modality, offering an even larger portfolio with product options for all consumer profiles”.

In a statement, SKY reported that in some states like Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul the operator even doubled the size of its base.  In addition, in the northeast of the country, the company had a sustainable growth of 40% of its customer base.

Silva Neto said that “there was a significant movement of the company in order to hear the customers’ demand, and this was reflected, for example, in the offer of new packages and more attractive recharge plans.”

SKY customers have the option of purchasing the prepaid kit without programming (SKY Pre-Paid FLEX). In addition, from R$ 29.90 (USD 9.5) the customer has access to a complete set of channels for 15 days, and there are prepaid options for 30 days, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Agricio Silva Neto will participate in NexTV Series Brasil 2017, the leading conference organized by Dataxis, to be held on April 19 in Sao Paulo.

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