Pocket Aces partners Ola Play for digital content

Pocket Aces, the digital entertainment company operating channels like FilterCopy, Gobble and Dice Media, has collaborated with Ola, the mobile app for transportation. The new deal consists of the Pocket Aces providing an assortment of digital content to be available on the platform of Ola Play.

Content from the digital company will include those from their flagship channel FilterCopy, web series such as ‘Little Things’ and ‘Not Fit’ from Dice Media and food videos from Gobble.

Aditi Shrivastava, the co-founder of Pocket Aces, revealed: “We’re excited to be an early partner with Ola Play and enable audiences to consume high quality content on-the-go without exhausting their data plans”.

“Our goal is to give our content and our brand partners as much reach as possible, and are in conversations with several global OTT players and television channels to syndicate our content”.

On the other hand, Ankit Jain, the senior director and head at Ola Play, said: “The possibilities that Ola Play offers allows us to discover and aggregate content as music, web series, discover apps and much more to be made available to customers at the push of a button. We are extremely excited to partner with Pocket Aces to enable Ola Play users’ access to high quality content”.